Founded in 1994 by George Diaz and the late Jilton “Ozzie” Baez, Latino Laughter is a collection of Latino and Latino-friendly comedians performing sold-out shows in venues like Carolines, The Laugh Factory, Broadway Comedy Club, and The Improv. The diverse range of comics lets us perform anywhere in the nation for any kind of crowd. Our shows are loud, proud, and high energy, showcasing the best of established and upcoming comedians. Latino laughter has received two U.S. Service awards under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, knighted as the “Ultimate Weapon in Comedy.”

George Diaz first appeared on the scene at the New York Comedy Club where he met Ozzie Baez, one of the greatest connections and friendships he’s had. Ozzie’s death hit George hard, but he never forgot their dream of running the premiere showcase for the best talent in Puerto Rican and Latin American comedy. Al Martin, owner of Broadway and Greenwich Village Comedy Clubs was, and still is, a central part of Latino Laughter. He’s opened his doors to George’s madness, and for good reason. It’s not just comedy, it’s a party!